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Aspiring Pensacola mixologists and seasoned Florida bartenders will find all the drink mixers, bitters, and garnishments necessary to supply even the most sophisticated Pensacola Beach party with today's trendiest mixed drinks and cocktail classics. We also stock a variety of small batch and artisan spirits like Smooth Ambler Bourbon, Boyd & Blair potato Vodka, Ransom Old Tom Gin and Hum Botanical Liqueur. Bambooze Fine Wine & Liquor carries "Taste of Florida - Real Juice Mixers." These delicious premium bar mixes feature flavors of Banana, Rumrunner, Raspberry, Mango, Peach and contain real purees and up to 93% real juice. Of course we carry the standard mixes like Rose's Sweetened Lime, Simple Syrup, Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut and Grenadine, but we can also enhance your mixed drink recipes with Luxardo Cherries, Stirrings Simple Syrup & Dirty Martini Mix. Passing through Pensacola and need some exotic cocktail bitters? We offer a variety of Bitters from Bittermen's, The Bitter Truth, Fee Brothers and Angostura. Headed for a Sunday brunch party? Don't forget the Bloody Mary Mix or some pickled, spiced beans. To compliment our diverse selection of single malt scotch and small batch bourbon whiskeys, we sell whiskey stones. Whiskey stones gently cool your whiskey without diluting the precious elixir. Long day boating in Pensacola bay? Why not cool off with a Dark and Stormy. Some dark rum, ginger beer, and lime is all that you need to savor this Caribbean treat. We carry 1 Liter bottles of Goslings Ginger Beer. So many cocktails and so little time! Top shelf Margaritas need Agave Nectar. Classic Mai Tai's require Orgeat Syrup. For Dirty Martini's, olive juice is a must. Bambooze has you covered with Herradura Agave Nectar, Collins Orgeat Syrup, Fever Tree Tonic and more. We also stock cocktail shakers, stainless steel flasks, as well as plastic flasks, shot glasses, bomb cups, jello shot cups with lids, wooden muddlers, corkscrews, cocktail umbrellas, bar jiggers, bottle pourers, wine savers and more. Stock your bar with style at Bambooze Fine Wine & Liquor.
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